for the consumers

Market intelligence had always been meant for the Corporations. It's time to change the game. With today’s advanced technology, your demand as a Consumer for accurate financial information is no longer a big ask.

Arctic Rich is making it a level playing field for Consumers like you by arming you with the same information, know-how, tools and technology that the big Corporations enjoy. We are independent from the insiders, being beholden to no one. The authenticity you can trust. ​You can now confidently make informed financial choices solely in your best interest.

A holistic financial approach engineered for success

Insight into the Market Intelligence alone is not enough, unless it can be linked to your own financial situation - not just one but all aspects of your financial life.

Utilizing our integrated platform and time-tested techniques, you can work out a unique solution just for you to enrich yourself.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our built-in technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can help you gain a deeper understanding of your money matters like never before, essential to build your wealth.

Stepping Stones​

We lay out the stepping stones by breaking down the boring, often hard financial matters into bite-sized tasks that you can handle – tailored to your current level of expertise.​

Stunning Visibility​


Understand the progress that you have made in your savings. Is it good, bad or really ugly? Let this realization lead you to the next steps.


Asses your current status from a big picture perspective. Are you happy with your current goals? Are those bold enough to tap into your true potential?


Foresee your future. Explore how your future would be different by stepping up your efforts a little vs. your current pace.

Real Information in Real Time​

Real Time Data​

Review your personal and market information in real time – linked to each other - constantly looking up risks and opportunities for you.​

Put into Context

Put your figures into Context. See what those mean for you and where you really stand compared to your peers or finance fundamentals.​

Expand your Universe

Explore every market offering before making your mind. Compare all your options - apples to apples. Never settle for less.

Replace Illusion with Knowledge​


We work exclusively for you and no one else. Your fees are our sole source of income. We do not accept any referral fees or advertisements to ensure our independence.


In the midst of today’s misinformation and disinformation campaigns, we bring you just the facts from authentic sources enabling you to act with confidence.


See only what matters to you. We filter out the rest. We collect information from multiple sources to challenge, compare, and boil down to the finest detail before presenting to you.

Why Arctic Rich?

Prosper like never before

Tailored Solution​

Enjoy our tailored financial solution on your exclusive online portal that makes a rich future a reality - no matter what your current situation. Save time and money with a 24/7 support system where you are never alone.

Level Playing Field

Gain a deeper understanding of how the Corporations operate and how you can set a winning game plan for every transaction you engage. Compete on a level playing field.

360 Approach​

Take a 360-degree approach to your life and money, giving you a balance between your short-term and long-term goals. Clearly see the aftermath of every choice in all areas of your financial life.

No Conflict of Interest​

We do not endorse, resell or promote any product. Nor do we sell or share any customer information. It is not our position to take over your money management. We simply offer information for a fee - beholden to none.

Premium Service. Affordable Price.

Save $5,000 to $15,000 a year for just $25 a month.​

Be More

Thanks to our integrated solution that allows you to do more with less - enhancing your capabilities to a higher level.

Astonishing Value

A sophisticated system at a fraction of the conventional price. Sharing expenses over many users gives us a distinct cost advantage.